The Method of Urban Safety Analysis and Environmental Design

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With the classified spatial data in MUSE for GIS, inventory and statistical data, and the latest information technologies (e.g., high quality computers, GPS, Remote Sensing, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Ubiquitous Computing, Cyber Architecture, etc.), we hope to have remarkable improvement in the field of disaster mitigation (Figure 1).

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Figure 1 Cooperation between Information Technologies and MUSE


The comprehensive system among MUSE and the information technologies to realize the vision (Figure 1) was named as MUSE System. This system consists of three fields, namely, Semantics, Syntactics, and Pragmatics (Figure 2). Semantics is the field in relation to the classification and the definition of spatial data. Syntactics deals with the relationship between the spatial data and other elements (i.e., time, location, and social systems). Pragmatics is the field in connection with the application of the information to the real social life for people.

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Figure 2 Process to realize MUSE


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